What is Copper Oxysulfate Granular?

Across the Southeastern Asian markets, copper oxysulfate granular fertilizer has become quite popular. As an importer, it pays to learn about this form of fertilizer. What exactly is copper oxysulfate granular?

Copper oxysulfate granules are a type of fertilizer with insoluble oxides, soluble sulfates, and copper. By wetting the fertilizer granules, the copper sulfate will dissolve and produce copper oxide particles. Crops from fruits to vegetables and palms can benefit from this fertilizer. 

This article will be your guide to copper oxysulfate granular fertilizer. We’ll elaborate on the definition of copper oxysulfate granules, reveal the fertilizer’s status as a potentially dangerous good, and discuss how it’s applied. 

What Are Copper Oxysulfate Granules?

To start, let’s explain copper oxysulfate granules in more detail.

Referred to sometimes as simply copper granules, copper oxysulfate granules are a type of plant and crop fertilizer. The oxysulfates are comprised of insoluble oxides, soluble sulfates, and copper. 

Oxides are compounds with an oxygen atom as well as another element. If the oxides are soluble, they’re dissolvable in water, whereas insoluble oxides cannot be dissolved. 

Copper is a metal and chemical element that’s known for its malleability and softness as well as its electrical and thermal conductivity. 

To make copper oxysulfate granules requires acidulating sulfuric acid with copper oxides. In other words, the acidity of the compounds increases. What results is a fertilizer that’s popular in Australia as well as the Southeastern Asian markets, as mentioned.

The granules are spherical and considered low-dust. By applying the granules in the soil and then moistening the soil with water, the copper sulfate begins to dissolve. Insoluble copper oxide particles are then released. The particles are very fine so they can be distributed across the soil more evenly. 

You must apply copper oxysulfate granules to the soil while still dry. Keep in mind that due to the inclusion of insoluble oxides, the copper will never dissolve entirely. Thus, you cannot use this form of fertilizer in a foliar spray. You must also limit fertilizer application to prevent overdoing it on the copper.  

Are Copper Oxysulfate Granules Classified as a Dangerous Good?

Importers must stay abreast of dangerous goods. These are substances or products that can damage the environment or properties as well as impact the health and safety of people and other living things.

Although toxic chemicals would certainly qualify, sometimes more benign items such as dry ice or lithium batteries count as dangerous goods too. So, do copper oxysulfate granules meet the criteria of a dangerous good?

Depending on the shipment method, yes.

If transporting copper oxysulfate granules by sea, then the fertilizer is categorized as a Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Good according to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods or IMDG Code. Therefore copper oxysulfate is Dangerous Goods for shipment by sea (because it is toxic to sea animals as per the MSDS).

However on land it can be transported as Non Dangerous goods. How’s the situation in Australian? Australia Dangerous Goods or ADG Code does not count copper oxysulfate granular fertilizer as a dangerous good, so they can move on truck an NON Dangerous Goods but only if the bulk bags are Dangerous Goods rated. That’s the important condition.

If you’re primarily an overseas importer, do be aware that you can still import items categorized as dangerous goods. However, the import&export clearance process is a lot stricter and more complex. In addition, the shipping costs will rise exponentially. It is better to choose a factory that is experienced in exporting this product

Copper Oxysulfate Granule Applications

Copper oxysulfate granules are used for a variety of plants and crops. Here is an overview.


From corn to Sudangrass, flax, oats, wheat, and barley, grain crops respond very well to copper oxysulfate granules. Cereal grains such as wheat are at an elevated risk of copper deficiencies, so a copper-based fertilizer application throughout the growing season can keep the grains growing healthy and strong. 


When growing vegetables, copper oxysulfate granular fertilizer can encourage a fresher, greener color that makes produce more desirable to consumers. That’s why asparagus, beans, and gourds such as the bitter gourd, ridge gourd, and bottle gourd all flourish with this fertilizer. 

Non-green veggies such as table beets and onions are good candidates for copper oxysulfate as well. 


The sugarcane plant is another crop species that could develop copper deficiencies. The young leaves are the first to manifest symptoms, which can then spread to the older leaves unless the deficiency is dealt with. 

Since sugarcane plants can absorb nutrients quite readily, they will need a smaller application of copper oxysulfate granules than some of the other plants and crops in this section. 


An assortment of fruits is eligible for copper oxysulfate fertilizer application, including watermelon and citrus trees. Most copper oxysulfate treatments occur when these plants are in their dormant stages. 


Fungi is common in palms, which is why a fungicide product such as copper oxysulfate granules is so highly recommended. In warding off leaf spot diseases and other fungal-derived blemishes, a palm can live for close to 100 years in some cases. 

Copper Oxysulfate Granule Manufacturers

Let’s wrap up with a list of manufacturers that specialize in copper oxysulfate granular fertilizer. 


OFertilizer Website
  • Location: China
  • Year Founded: 1992
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, Trading
  • Main Products: Various micronutrient granular fertilizers

OFertilizer is a B2B business founded in 1992 that specializes in micronutrient granular fertilizer, including copper oxysulfate. Their low-heavy metal, low-dust fertilizing solutions are produced in China. Applications include everything from vegetable and fruit trees to garden grass, palms, and golf turf. 

Cameron Chemicals

Cameron Website
  • Location: United States
  • Year Founded: 1986
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, Trading
  • Main Products: Granulate Oxysulfate Micronutrients Fertilizers

Since 1986, Cameron Chemicals has produced granulate oxysulfate micronutrient fertilizers suited for ornamental, horticultural, turf, and agricultural purposes. Their copper oxysulfate granular fertilizer includes 15 percent copper.  

Old Bridge Chemicals

Old Bridge Website
Old Bridge
  • Location: United States
  • Year Founded: 1962
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, Trading
  • Main Products: Copper and Zinc compounds

In the United States, Old Bridge Chemicals manufactures copper and zinc compounds. Outside of copper oxysulfate granular, Old Bridge makes copper products such as acidified multi-mineral copper sulfate, basic copper sulfate, and copper carbonate.   


Copper oxysulfate granular is a type of partially soluble but fully non-soluble fertilizer that releases copper oxide particles when applied and moistened. This form of fertilizer is suitable for fruit trees, vegetables, palms, and a variety of other crops. 

OFertilizer’s brand of copper oxysulfate granular fertilizer is infused with zinc for slow release in the soil. The high-purity copper infused in this low-dust spherical granular fertilizer is of optimal quality. The inclusion of zinc limits the amount of heavy metals in the fertilizer. 

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