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Top 9 Fertilizer Exhibtions in 2022

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The following are some common applications of micronutrient fertilizers

Hot Selling Products

Check our hot selling products as below

Zinc Oxysulfate Granular Fertilizer

Zinc Oxysulfate Granular

Zinc Oxysulfate is supplied as a low-dust spherical granular, is formulated with high-purity zinc ingredients to minimize heavy metal contents.

Cu Zn Granular

Copper Zinc Granular

Copper Zinc Granular is supplied as a low-dust spherical granular, is formulated with high-purity copper and zinc ingredients to minimize heavy metal contents.

Iron Granular

Iron Oxysulfate Granular

Iron Oxysulfate Granular is supplied as a low-dust spherical granular, is formulated with high-purity Iron ingredients to minimize heavy metal contents.

Mn B Zn Granular

Manganese Boron Zinc Granular

Mn-B-Zn mixed micronutrients granular fertilizer.

Have your own fertilizer formula.

Develop different fertilizer formulations according to soil properties in different regions

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

ODM & OEM is available, the following is an essential process and time required for our custom products for reference.

Step 1: RFQ & Price (1-3 days)

  • Customer provide formula ratio of products and requirements.
  • Evaluation and confirm back to customer.
  • Provide the price to customer

Step 2: Sampling (7-14 days)

  • We’ll provide prepare the sample per customer’s request.
  • We’ll wait for customer’s confirmation based on third-party test report or testing by customer.

Step 3: Pay The Bill (within 1 day)

  • Customer arrange the deposit.

Step 4: Mass Production (20-35 days)

  • For the regular products, we could delivery within 3 wks, for some special products, we’ll delivery around 35 days.

Step 5: Shipping (30-45 days)

  • The shipping time depends on shipping to which country.

Want to know how to compress lead times?

Let us help you optimize the lead time.

The Basic Knowledge About Micronutrients Fertilizer

We may not be the last word on every topic, but we are experts in our field. Here are some blogs we wrote related to this industry. We hope it will be helpful to you.

The Top 9 Global Fertilizer Exhibitions 

As a fertilizer importer, you can always afford to expand your network to increase your customers or be introduced to new suppliers. Attending a global fertilizer exhibition can help you do just that. What are the best fertilizer conferences?
Here are the top 9 global fertilizer exhibitions:

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What is Copper Oxysulfate Granular?

Copper oxysulfate granules are a type of fertilizer with insoluble oxides, soluble sulfates, and copper. By wetting the fertilizer granules, the copper sulfate will dissolve and produce copper oxide particles. Crops from fruits to vegetables and palms can benefit from this fertilizer. 

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Considerations When Purchase Micronutrients Granular Fertilizer

There are many factors to consider before purchasing micronutrients. Here are some of the ones we have listed:

Things You May Also Want to Know

What is Controlled Release Fertilizer?

Controlled release fertilizer is a variety of fertilizers designed to gradually release into the soil in a controlled manner. Because of this, plants get provided with available nutrients for a longer time. The release date of the fertilizer is dictated by the thickness of the coating and the air temperature. The greater the temperature, the faster the fertilizer gets released. The rate of release is designed in a synchronized pattern to meet changing crop nutrient requirements.

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Are Copper Oxysulfate Granules Classified as a Dangerous Good?

Depending on the shipment method.

If transporting copper oxysulfate granules by sea, then the fertilizer is categorized as a Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Good according to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods or IMDG Code. Therefore copper oxysulfate is Dangerous Goods for shipment by sea (because it is toxic to sea animals as per the MSDS).

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  1. What Are Copper Oxysulfate Granules? 
  2. Are Copper Oxysulfate Granules Classified as a Dangerous Good?
  3. Copper Oxysulfate Granule Applications.
  4. Copper Oxysulfate Granule Manufacturers.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Us?

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  • Over 20 years manufacturing experience in this field.
  • Focus on micronutrient granular fertilizer.
  • We care about quality more than quantity.

Packing Solutions

25kg woven bag

25kg woven bag

bulk bag

1MT/bulk bag with pallet

customized packing 25kg bag

Customized 25kg/bag

25kg plastic color bag

Customized plastic color bag (25kg/bag) 

Shipment Solutions

25kg bag shipment

25kg/woven bag without pallet

customized 25kg bag with pallet shipment

25kg/plastic bag with pallet

bulk bag shipment

1MT/bulk bag with pallet

customized pallet shipment

Customized Pallet

It's the package and shipment ways affect to price?

Want to discuss more details of package and shipment solutions?


We are the factory located in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China. With more than 20 years of experience in the micronutrients granular fertilizer industry.

Yes, we have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, and 50% are ODM & OEM products.

We have 25kg/bag, 1MT/bulk bag for optional. Customized packages are also available.

Our lead time for regular products is 2-3 weeks.

We can test in the local lab, or an SGS testing report is also available.

Yes, we can provide MSDS.

Yes, of course, we are welcome to be our exclusive agency.

How We Work Together?

Our ordering process

Here is our ordering process step by step

Step 1

Submit the form with your required spec.

Step 2

Confirm Specs & Quote

After confirmed the spec, delivery port, packing etc details, we’ll provide the quotation.

Step 3

Receive Instant Quote

Submit the form with your required spec.

Step 4

Mass Production

After sample confirmed, and received the PO, we’ll arrange mass production.

Step 5

Quality Control

We take full responsibility for making sure fertilizers are manufactured according to our standards.

Step 6


Products will delivery to your port on time.

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