The Top 9 Global Fertilizer Exhibitions 

As a fertilizer importer, you can always afford to expand your network to increase your customers or be introduced to new suppliers. Attending a global fertilizer exhibition can help you do just that. What are the best fertilizer conferences? 

Here are the top 9 global fertilizer exhibitions:

  • The Fertilizer Institute World Fertilizer Conference
  • InfoAg
  • Fertilizer Latino Americano 
  • Argus Asia Fertilizer
  • International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Fertilizer (ICOAF)
  • Southwestern Fertilizer Conference
  • International Conference on Crop Production and Advanced Fertilizer Technologies (ICCPAFT)
  • International Conference on Biofertilizer Technology and Organic Farming (ICBTOF)

This guide will go through each of the above fertilizer exhibitions, providing information such as where the expo occurs, when, and what you can do there. Keep reading!

9 Must-Attend Global Fertilizer Exhibitions



In China, the biggest fertilizer exhibition of its kind is undoubtedly the China International Fertilizer Show or FSHOW. Since 2010, the FSHOW has paved the way for fertilizer professionals to meet and learn more about their ever-growing industry.

Now in its 22nd year, the FSHOW will welcome over 40,000 fertilizer professionals, including 1,500+ downstream and upstream exhibitors. The show has become a hybrid event in the early 2020s, including offline and online digital elements to bring information to attendees however they’re most comfortable.

Fertilizer professionals in more than 100 countries attend the FSHOW every year. During the next conference, the FSHOW plans to tackle such matters as global fertilizer trends and current issues as well as how to overcome them.

The FSHOW will feature a variety of esteemed Chinese speakers, including:

  • Zhao Binqiang, the Chief Scientist of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences or CAAS
  • Ye Lijun, the Deputy Chief Engineer of the China National Petroleum & Chemical Planning Institute or NPCPI
  • Zhang Weifeng of the College of Resources and Environment at China Agricultural University 
  • Xiu Xuefeng, the President of China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Industry Association

The FSHOW will occur from May 31st to June 2nd, 2022 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. 

The Fertilizer Institute World Fertilizer Conference

World Fertilizer Conference
World Fertilizer Conference

The Fertilizer Institute hosts a major global conference called the World Fertilizer Conference every year.

Worldwide fertilizer professionals and representatives regularly attend the conference, as do the multitude of TFI members. 

The event in 2022 will be a two-day conference. The convention floor opens at 7:30 a.m. on the first day of the conference for an early breakfast.

The first day will have an opening session from an esteemed speaker. The last conference featured Katty Kay, a BBC World News America lead anchor, who discussed global business operational changes in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Other events on the first day include an executive committee panel in the afternoon (by invitation only) and then an afternoon reception to wrap up the day.

On the second day of the World Fertilizer Conference is a CEO panel. In the past, the panel has featured input by Corey Rosenbusch (the CEO and President of The Fertilizer Institute) as a moderator with Joe McNeely (the President of the Andersons Nutrient and Industrial) and David Delaney (the CEO and President of Itafos) as panelists.

The TFI World Fertilizer Conference will occur on September 12th through the 13th at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, Texas, United States. 



InfoAg is another US-based conference presented by the TFI. The annual event, which has been going since 1995, attracts the biggest names in fertilizer in this part of the country and in other countries as well.

Some of the panels featured at the 2019 InfoAg were FarmBeats: Empowering Farmers with Affordable Digital Agriculture Solutions and Future of Agriculture – Soon to Become the Coolest Profession on Earth.

The panel schedule for this year’s event hasn’t been published yet, but those panels show that there’s lots of great information to be presented at InfoAg 2022. 

The next InfoAg conference will occur on July 26th through the 27th, 2022 at Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri, US. 

Fertilizer Latino Americano 

Fertilizer Latino Americano
Fertilizer Latino Americano

A fertilizer exhibition with a Latin American flair, the Fertilizer Latino Americano is presented by Argus, a commodity pricing resource. 

More than 300 companies will be represented at this event from over 45 countries. Translations will occur in languages such as English, Spanish, and Portuguese so all attendees feel included. 

This year’s Fertilizer Latino Americano conference has a huge advisory board. Here’s who’s included:

  • Fernando Mata, the Director of Latin America & Sub-Saharan Africa Specialty Fertilizers at Koch AS
  • Felipe De Carli, Fertilizer Trading – Barter Solutions at CHS Inc.
  • Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Sanjuan, the Executive Director at Fertilizar AC
  • Tomas Pitt, the International Sales Manager at CF Industries
  • Ali Al-Deshan, the Section Head of Regional Sales of Phosphate & Ammonia SBU at Ma’aden
  • Chaitanya Kosarajui, the Director of Global Ammonia & International Sales at Nutrien
  • Luis Mutuano, the Senior Trader at Samsung C&T
  • Priscila Richetti, the Senior Market Intelligence Manager in Governance and KPI at Yara Brasil
  • Ithamar Prada, the Senior Director of Marketing and Innovation at ICL South America
  • Sergio De Zen, the Director of Agricultural Policies and Information at CONAB

The current exhibitors include Spectra Colors Corp, Scantech, Sackett Waconia, Recuperar, PTP Group, K.R. Komarek, J&H Equipment, Bagtech, Arkema-ArrMaz, AGI Fertilizer System, and ACT. 

Fertilizer Latino Americano will take place from March 21st to the 23rd in Miami, Florida, US as well as online.  

Argus Asia Fertilizer

Asia Fertilizer
Asia Fertilizer

Argus also hosts the Asia Fertilizer conference, which will occur in 2022 but has yet to announce a location. 

Promising more than 300 companies in attendance from more than 50 countries over three days, the Asia Fertilizer conference is centered around networking. The event will include cocktail receptions in the evening, networking lunches, round table discussions, and speed networking sessions. 

Professionals in the fertilizer industry can learn about demand dynamics, trade, and global fertilizer production, including market fundamentals. 

More than half of the delegates present will be major decision-makers serving in director, presidential, or CEO roles. These are certainly people you’ll want to rub elbows with if at all possible! 

The Asia Fertilizer conference will take place in October 2022. The event will occur in China in 2023. 

International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Fertilizer (ICOAF)


In Switzerland, the International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Fertilizer or ICOAF is one to attend.

Led by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology or WASET, the federated conference includes research scholars, researchers, and academic scientists who are well-versed in organic fertilizers and other areas of agriculture.

Since it’s all digital, you can attend even if you’re not in Switzerland. This conference could be a great way to get your year off on the right foot.  

The ICOAF will take place from January 14th to the 15th, 2022. 

Southwestern Fertilizer Conference

Southwestern Fertilizer Conference
Southwestern Fertilizer Conference

In its 96th year, the Southwestern Fertilizer Conference in Tennessee, US is one of the biggest exhibitions of its kind in this part of the world. In 2021, 739 companies and 1,754 attendees were part of the event. 

The SWFC is a networking event for suppliers and customers. Conference organizers recommend making an appointment before the exhibition to ensure a networking slot. This will allow you to connect with the professionals or prospective customers you’re interested in.

After registering for the conference, you gain access to a registration list that updates in real-time. If you see a potential client or customer you want to connect with, you can request a meeting right through the SWFC platform. 

Conference attendees can host in-person meetings in the Tiefel Room, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The SWFC even has a golf tournament that’s affiliated with and hosted by the Nutrients for Life Foundation. The golf tournament is part of the exhibition. Whether you participate or spectate, it’s sure to be a great time! 

The conference will take place from July 10th to July 14th, 2022 at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, US. 

International Conference on Crop Production and Advanced Fertilizer Technologies (ICCPAFT)


The International Conference on Crop Production and Advanced Fertilizer Technologies or ICCPAFT through WASET is a Japanese fertilizer conference to add to your calendar for later this year.

The conference focuses on more advanced fertilizer application techniques as well as crop production, including what it takes to grow sturdy, successful crops season after season. 

Educators, practitioners, researchers, and other fertilizer professionals will gather to share concerns, innovations, and trends in the industry.

The two-day digital event includes presentations that take place at London local time. The first day features a digital meeting at noon and the second day includes a reading of the digital program. That program encompasses an eBook chock full of studies and data for fertilizer professionals. 

The Tokyo-based ICCPAFT begins on June 9th through the 10th, 2022. 

International Conference on Biofertilizer Technology and Organic Farming (ICBTOF)


The last global fertilizer exhibition on our list is the International Conference on Biofertilizer Technology and Organic Farming or ICBTOF, a third WASET conference, this one based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The digital two-day event is about all things organic farming and biofertilizers, including the latest in technology, the challenges in the industry at current, and the trends that will shape the future. 

The conference is a great chance for extraordinary minds in the fertilizer industry to put their heads together.

The committee members are from all over the world, including:

  • Long-Xi Yu of the USDA
  • Gusui Wu of DuPont Pioneer
  • M. Nadir Sidiqi of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation
  • Surender Singh of the CSS Haryana Agricultural University in India
  • Hossein Kazemi of the Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources or GUASNR in India
  • Narayna Bhat of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research in Kuwait

Papers will be presented during the conference about an assortment of related topics, including biofertilizer technology, liquid biofertilizers and fermentation, the sustainability of biofertilizers, biofertilizers and mycorrhizae, the quality control of biofertilizers, and the benefits of biofertilizers. 

The ICBTOF will take place from December 1st through the 2nd, 2022. 


Throughout 2022, global fertilizer exhibitions will resume. Some will be exclusively digital, others a hybrid, and more still will hope to welcome back fertilizer professionals to esteemed conference halls all over the world. 

It’s not too late to register for these fantastic events to learn more about fertilizer technology, spread brand awareness, increase your customer base, and boost your sales!

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